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Liquid Aluminium Sulphate
Liquid Aluminium Sulphate Liquid Aluminium Sulphate

Molecular formula: Al2(SO4)3
Properties:Aluminum sulfate is a traditional inorganic purifying agent with strong adsorption capacity and good purification effect . After alum coagulation into the raw water it can form a large body, with fast edimentation speed, high activity, good filtration, and adaptability to a variety of raw water and minimal impact on the water's pH value (pH value of 4 to 11). Regardless of the level of turbidity of the water, concentrations of wastewater pollutant, its purifying effect is remarkable; it has features as less equipment, pipeline corrosion, convenient operation, small dosage, low cost purification.
Quality index:



Al2O3 %


pH (1% Aq. solution) %


Water insolubles %


Fe %




Mainly used in the paper industry, water treatment and food processing industry and other industries.
1 in papermaking for sizing, adjusting pH value, clarification process is used as a mordant; in the purification papermaking, printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment, with less good decolorization, the treated water can be reused.
2 water treatment such as drinking water, industrial water and industrial wastewater treatment flocculant; purify drinking water, purified water quality to drinking water standards prescribed by the state; for industrial and urban sewage water, treated water quality indicators of an emission standard;
3 food industry as yeast leavening agent;
4 dyeing industry as a mordant and impermeable printing toner, purification of lead, chromium, cadmium sulfide wastewater, sewage, treated water can meet emission standards.
5 oil industry as a clarifying agent; deodorant oil industry as a bleaching agent. The fluorine-containing raw water purification, wastewater, oil field injection water and kerosene oil-water separation plant, with its purifying effects are more significant.
6 purification flotation tailings overflow red water, after water treatment, it can be used as industrial water do.
7 industry as a wood preservative bleaching agent;
8 is used as an astringent medicine;
9 is used as the fire extinguishing agent;
10 pigment industry as a precipitating agent of chrome yellow ;
11 Production processing agent of titanium dioxide, tanning agents, catalyst support ,are widely used the other fields such as insulation materials, insulation materials, feed .
Health Hazards: This product has some stimulating and corrosive, has a stimulating effect to the eyes and mucous membranes; oral intake of large amount of aluminum sulfate produces a stimulating effect on the mouth and the stomach.
Packing: Transport tank truck of dangerous goods , container barrels, plastic barrels.

Storage and transportation: Packaging should be complete, should be safe loading. During transport, to ensure that the container does not leak, did not fall, do not fall, no damage. Strictly prohibited to mix with and oxidants and food chemicals . Transit should avoid exposure, rain, high temperature. After transportation, the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned.



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