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Development path

Historical development 
In August of 2004, the company prepared to be constructed in a wasteland. At that time, everywhere full of dust was still fresh in our mind and even the porridge we ate was deep gray.
On March 8th, 2005, products like strontium nitrate, strontium chloride and manganese chloride began to be produced and the annual production capacity reached 5,000 tons.
On December 7th, 2006, we were ISO 9001 certified. 
In July of 2007, we were awarded the title of “Chongqing Demonstration Enterprise of Clean Production”. 
In August of 2008, the first-stage extension project was finished and put into use. The construction of chemical-reaction system for the acid station, strontium nitrate, and manganese chloride and strontium chloride production line was accomplished, which enabled the company to produce 10,000 tons products annually. 
In October of 2008, company acquired the title of “Second-level Safety Production Standardization.
In October of 2010, the second-stage extension project was finished and put into use. The systematic construction of strontium chloride crystallization and strontium chloride anhydrous production line was accomplished, which enabled the company to produce 18,000 tons products annually. 
In March of 2011, the technical improvement for the strontium nitrate production line was completed. The annual capacity reached 20,000 tons. 
Persist in innovation with fruitful results 
With only several years of development, Chongqing Yuanhe Fine Chemicals Inc. has become the leading company in strontium salts further-processed industry. It also becomes a pilot enterprise of recycle economy; and it is one of the top 16 tax-pay enterprises in Dazu County. With exclusive right to import and export, 60% of our products are sold to countries and regions in Europe and America and Southeast Asia. The domestic market share for strontium chloride has been over 60%. 
At present, the product strontium nitrate specified 301B is appraised as a “Chongqing Major New Product”; the company is awarded the title of “Chongqing AA-class Comprehensive Credit Enterprise. Since the foundation, the annual output and sales volume have been being increased by 30%. Our company at full blast pushes forward the measure of saving energy and lowering energy consumption and introduces advanced technology, which makes our company reduce to 30% of its energy consumption that our counterpart enterprises consume. We are awarded as an "Advanced Energy-Consumption-Lowering Enterprise".

Plan for the future and show our ambition 
1. Resource integration: we share stocks in Chongqing Qinglong Fine Strontium Chemicals Co., Ltd., Tongliang County Yuxia Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Dazu Tiandi Strontium Ore Co., Ltd., Dazu Strontium Ore Developing Co., Ltd., and Sunrise Strontium Industry Co., Ltd., which enables us to enjoy an enterprise group with most perfect industrial chain from raw material to strontium metal and lays a firm foundation for long-term sound development.
2. At present we are preparing for the pilot plant test where we will conduct research and develop new products with high purity and high additional value, which promotes a faster development for the company.
3. We plan to apply for certification of management system for quality, environment and occupational safety and health. Through the audition and certification we would roundly improve company’s management ability and capacity of fighting risk.

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